"Liberty Raymond Tavern"

2281 Kinsman Road NE-North Bloomfield, OH 44450 | (703) 898-1966


For the last hundred-plus years, this former hotel and stagecoach stop has functioned as a large (3,500 sq. ft.) comfortable family home. In addition to the large barn, there is nearly 3 acres of land, enough for a large garden and a horse or two. We’ve been honored to make updates and improvements over the years.

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Interested in experiencing the Liberty Raymond Tavern? Please complete the form below if you would like more information about stopping by for a visit. Bill and Brenda Weiss would be honored to host you, whether it is for a few hours or even a few nights. The experience is refreshing.

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The Community

GREENE TOWNSHIP, TRUMBULL COUNTY, OHIO – Greene is located in the north central portion of Trumbull County. New Englander, Gardiner Greene, an investor in the Connecticut Land Company, originally purchased it. It was settled in 1817 by a group of New England families. Many of their descendants still reside in the township.